Mr. & Mrs. Bobby and Sarah Son

"Our friends are still telling us how awesome our wedding was!  Thank you PK for making our special day memorable for EVERYONE!  You are a comic genius and your rap receives two thumbs up!" ~Married September 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Doran Chang

"PK absolutely had the right stuff to make our wedding perfect!  The right balance of humor, class, and good looks to entertain the audience and careful enough not to take attention away from the bride.  If I had the money, I would've hired Jay Leno, but PK was a close 2nd and he handled the job perfectly.  He's a celebrity, a comedian, and a darned good guy to hang out with.  Thank you P.K." ~Married April 26, 2003

Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Hanna Choi

"I can't think of a better person to MC a wedding than PK. From witty jokes to fun games, he made sure everyone had a great time.  He even wrote and sang a special song for the bride and groom.  You know it's a fun wedding when elderly people come up to you and say they had a good time.  Thanks PK!!!" ~Married August 25, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Joanne Jordan

"PK did a really great job and was easy to work with.  We really had no worries whatsoever and we knew he was going to be awesome.  From the day we met him, we knew that he had skills to handle a party without much interaction from us, which is exactly what we needed as we were so buried in dealing with other things" ~Married July 7, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Clint and Cyndi Otteson

"PK did a wonderful job being a DJ/MC for our wedding.  Not only did he play the best music but he was extremely attentive to guests and always made sure everyone was having a good time.  Our wedding day was perfect and PK was a major contributor as to why everything went off without a hitch! We are eternally grateful to PK and we continue to recommend him to everyone we know!" ~Married May 5, 2007


Mr. & Mrs. Johnny and Julie Oh

"We wanted PK to MC our wedding, because we did not want a typical boring wedding.  He is a natural born entertainer with many talents.  Everyone at the wedding said that it was most entertaining and one of the best wedding they have been to.  Thanks PK!" ~Married April 26, 2003

Mr. & Mrs. Sam and Sarah Kim

"PK~ I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I know things were hectic and unorganized but you made the best of it and did an awesome job.   Funny thing...my dad knew who you were.  He has one of your old cds i gave to him a long time ago and he said, "Isn't PK the parody guy? He can sing, he's funny, he's good!" LOL.  He's a big fan of yours.  Anyways, I just wanted to thank you and Tammy for everything. You guys are good people and great friends! Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. Paik

"Besides introducing me by my wife's last name, which was quite hilarious, everyone at my wedding reception loved him. He easily entertained all my guests, which seemed liked an impossible task. Half our guests were Family and Friends who were older and spoke Korean only. The other half were younger adults that primarily spoke English. PK entertained all and everyone had a good time at our Wedding. If you are into dull and boring receptions, you should not ask PK to MC your wedding...otherwise I highly recommend him to make your wedding memorable and fun for your guests." ~Married February 25, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Laura Kim

"My wife and I are both really happy and will always cherish the good memories from our wedding. PK provided the perfect atmosphere that made our wedding day the fun and unforgetable event that it was. Thanks PK!" ~Married May 12, 2007
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